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Initial Inputs and Outputs
Flow Diagram showing Initial Inputs and Outputs from the meetings of the group

In October 2013, SOMA was registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) as a Housing Co-Operative Limited by Guarantee. Register No. 32227R.

Being a member of a co-operative means you agree to abide by a set of rules. In SOMA's case, the rules have been designed specifically to assure mutual co-operation. This means that, when important issues arise, they are discussed in meetings where all of the co-op's members have been invited to attend. Every member has voting rights at Management and General Meetings and can play an equal role in the decision making process. While SOMA's Ordinary General Meetings are open to the general public, who may join in with discussions, only SOMA members may vote.


The day to day business of running the co-operative is carried out by a group of members who form the Management Committee. The Management Committee is made up of the Executive Officers. These are members who have been elected and others who have been co-opted, or those who have volunteered to work on a specific project, or perform certain administrative tasks.

General Meetings

Our General Meetings are currently being held at 80 Ulfgar Road, Wolvercote, Oxford. OX2 8BA. They are currently held bi-monthly (at two month intervals), with Management Committee meetings being arranged as necessary in between times: Details of the dates and times of our meetings are published on this web site and they will also appear on SOMA's Face Book page. Details are also sent to our members individually by eMail.

Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting is held in March each year. The next AGM will be in March 2020. For detailed information about the next AGM please contact: secretary at

The Executive Officer posts are renewed annually at the AGM, the existing Executive Officers resign their posts, nominations for the posts are submitted and a vote is taken, one vote for each executive position. Either, a new member is sworn into Office, or the old officer is re-elected and resumes the roles for a new term.

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